DAR LYON PROTECTION allows you to monitor your living spaces at any time and remotely control these technologies that replace your eyes and ears in your absence, such as cameras, detectors and other surveillance elements of your home.

The technical and practical harmonization of your various security systems is now possible and can be managed from your smartphone with protected  and easy-to-use software

Caméra de vidéo surveillance HD-CVI Caméra de vidéo surveillance numérique IP


Your first concern is to be the best protected and we know it.

We have chosen for this quality products and extremely reliable.

The product does not make all the success of a permanent installation. It takes behind a qualified team on these products. For this, we work with LSCF a professional supplier who is trained and trained on all the products he offers. This allows a reactivity on the point of competence as well as the availability of products.

Jablotron is an international company that has existed since 1990. The brand manufactures quality alarm systems, which links security to design. It is in constant search for development in the new technologies to answer the most demanding requests of the customers.

Fermax is a leader in the manufacture of intercom and access control. They know how to answer the expectations of the professionals, the régis for the buildings and the private individuals. Their audio and video intercom are at the forefront of technology and constantly reinvent the activity.

Dahua is a leader in the manufacture of video surveillance system. Their systems are extremely reliable and the quality/price is unbeatable. They are constantly revolutionizing the technologies and the quality of their equipment.


Looking for a video protection system? Depending on the activity of your company, DL PROTECTION will propose you adapted solutions: CCTV allows the visual surveillance of all or part of a place that you want to secure.

It translates into the installation of materials with cameras as the starting point for recording and redistributing captured images to different types of appropriate media.


There are many types of cameras, designed to meet the requirements of different user needs, architectures and the weather and temporal conditions to which they are exposed. They fall into two main categories: analogue cameras and IP cameras, in other words, digital cameras. But within each of these two groups, multiple variants exist, each adapted to the conditions of its use. Thus, your DL PROTECTION installer can advise you indifferently, but always and only within the limits of the necessities of use, wireless or wired cameras, infrared cameras, autonomous cameras, fixed or motorized cameras or even day/day cameras. The high definition (HD) in quality models allows the reproduction of images of exceptional quality, which in terms of security is a logical advantage.

Reception supports

The capture of images can not avail of a great utility in the absence of the user of the system.

To be operational, it must be connected to supports adapted to the conditions of use and the rhythm of life of its owner. Various formulas for broadcasting or retrieval and storage of images exist, addable to each other or not; CCTV screen usually in the form of LCD monitor, recorder with the hard drive and even sending data back to your Smartphone.

This option, more and more popular, allows, thanks to specific software and via the Internet, not only to view in real time the areas covered by your installation, but also to take control of it thanks to many features like, for example, for example, camera reorientation, data storage management, etc.

 Various types of installations

Depending on the needs of use, configuration or to cope with specific constraints, DL PROTECTION will be asked to offer you the most appropriate equipment. Whether it is a digital video surveillance with a coaxial cable connection of each camera with its reception equipment, an IP video surveillance equipped with wired cameras or wi-fi cameras allowing a wireless data transmission with the router or other receiving equipment, or any other CCTV equipment, expert advice from a professional is essential. His experience, in a field that must suffer no fault in the face of growing knowledge and daring burglars, represents the best guarantee of security for your loved ones and yourself, as well as for the protection of your property.

Special alarm

An alarm system is made to deter and prevent a third party an intruder from entering his home.

For your system to be the most efficient, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Wired or wireless alarm
  • Both alarms are equally effective and safe.

The difference of the two will be noted on the aesthetics and the complexity of the places.

Alarm transmission mode

During an intrusion, you are warned by a call. This may be possible by PSTN (conventional telephone network) and/or by GSM (SIM card).

IP connection

To be able to control your alarm remotely through an application, it must be connected to the internet. To help you choose your system, DL PROTECTION is at your disposal to offer you a system suitable for your home.